The past decade has seen a number of advances in distributed systems, cryptography, decentralized technologies, open source collaboration, commons infrastructure, browser capabilities, and new classes of licenses.

At the same time, development on cloud platforms has become increasingly complex, to the point of becoming its own subdiscipline. We are also in the midst of unprecedented cultural awareness of technology's impact on politics, control, public discourse, and personal safety.

To meet the technical and social needs of 2020, 2025, and beyond, we introduce WebNative: a fast, web-scale, secure-by-default framework, where users own and control their identity and data. Further, code is executable on any machine, and removes deployment as a separate development stage.

It is our belief that this appraoch will free up developers to focus on shipping the interesting parts of the products, and to empower designers, solo developers, and tinkerers to ship production apps on their own.