WNFS Logged Online/Offline File System
The Web Native File System (WNFS) is a file system written for the web. It is versioned, logged, programmable, has strong-yet-flexible security, and is fully controlled by the end user. Service providers can validate writes without reading the contents of the file system, and minimal metadata is leaked.
WNFS relies heavily on the ”space” side of the space/time tradeoff to deliver performance. A a consequence of this and Merklization, WNFS can provide advanced functionality such as versioning and delegated or collaborative write access.
Features at a high level:
  • Public files & directories
  • Private files & directories with military grade security
  • Secure file sharing
  • File & directory metadata
  • Decentralized access control
  • Nondestructive edits / versioning
  • Logged / evented
  • Searchable
  • Tags & collections
  • Out of the box offline mode
  • Globally reachable
  • Universally addressable
  • Efficient — replicated, compressed, cached
  • POSIX-style interface
  • Programmable
  • Deterministic